Photo Contests

Watch out for an awesome Photo Contest post tomorrow!  I’m stoaked about it, and this will be one of the entries.

Deep Blue at the Roman Pool

This place was like something out of a pool lover’s dream.  Really if you enjoy color and water at all, you’d be in heaven.  Built between 1927 and 1934 at the Hearst Castle in California, it’s covered floor to ceiling with 1inx1in tiles.  The gold you see is actually GOLD.  They used clear glass, infused with gold leaf.  You can only see one here, but there were also seven more carved Roman statues decorating the rest of the room.   It’s a sight worth seeing over and over, and if we didn’t have to get on the road, it would have been worth the trouble I would have likely gotten in to from jumping in. 🙂

Roman Pool California William Woodward