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Off Into the Night

It was the kind of night that you don’t even think about coming in from shooting even though the sun has long since set. There was a warmth that was radiating from the desert floor, and the playa glowed beneath a nearly full moon, rising low in the southern sky. The first time you see one of these moving rocks, it’s almost too much to comprehend. What forces could exactly be making these rocks move, and not only move, but leave trails in this solid ground? When one theory begins to make sense, all the sudden the trail takes a hard left, and then loops around, leaving the theory all but lost in the wind.

The kind of dark that you get out at a place like Death Valley is the kind that lets you see the Milky Way even through the moon’s light. It’s quite amazing, and worth the 27 mile off road drive thru the desert to get there. If you’re feeling adventurous, stay the night out in the desert. 🙂

Death Valley William Woodward