I haven’t done a panoramic shot in quite a while, but there has been some really cool work being put up lately, and it inspired me to get this one finished up.  I actually do shoot quite a few shots for panoramas, but they definitely add a layer of complexity in the post processing.  When done right, though, I will admit that the results are pretty awesome.

Magical Morning at Machu Picchu

It’s been nearly three years since exploring Machu Piccu, but if still feels like yesterday. It’s the kind of place that will stay with you forever, it’s majestic form. I was lucky enough to spend my birthday up here, and you can bet I was one of the first to enter and last to leave. But, I will admit, getting back to Aguas Calientes, and sipping on a Pisco Sour or two with Nick andNikki (who at the time didn’t share a last name) was pretty memorable too, and much needed!

5 shots, 6:05 a.m, May 16th 2010

Morning Machu Picchu William Woodward