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Behind the Scenes

We all know how much I love behind the scenes stuff.  I end up spending as much time shooting the ‘behind the scenes’ photos from time to time as much as the actual scene itself!  First off, the camera itself, and you’ll see that I’m using live view to double check the horizon line.  I find that it does a pretty awesome job of doing a quick check that all my lines are even with the world.  Also, settings are at f10, ISO100, 10 seconds.

Broken Bow William Woodward

I don’t really do snakes, so I’ll be honest, the walk out in the dark was a little unnerving.  Especially since I had to do a fair bit of climbing around to get to this spot.


Heading out by flashlight.  Definitely feeling like a snake is around every corner.


Broken Bow by Sunset

If it wasn’t for having heard from my photographer friend Glenn that there are RATTLESNAKES hiding around here, and that he had recently seen one on a trip in, I would have completely enjoyed this spot.

Taken just after sunset, I was a little concerned that the night was going to be a wash, with clouds moving in before sunset. Luckily, though, the belly of the clouds were low and had a nice glow from San Diego. So we’ll call this an ‘artificial sunset’.

Broken Bow William Woodward