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road-tripping-utah-12Rise and Shine

The more I force myself to rise for sunrise, the more pleasantly surprised I am. It’s being able to see the landscape come to life around you, that moment when the colors turn and the sky comes to life.

On the Edge of Daybreak – Colorado National Monument

After rising early at the rest stop in Grand Junction, we quickly made our way toward the Colorado National Monument to find some scenes for sunrise. There was a storm moving in, and the sun coming over the Rockies lit up the rain on the valley. Waiting for that perfect moment when the sun crests the horizon for a little sunburst just topped it off.

I did have one mishap, not checking my messages before going to bed. A friend, Jacob, had invited us to stay the night at their place in GJ, and I’ll admit a bed would have been a little more pleasant than the bed of an SUV, but I may have been a little more tempted to sleep thru sunrise, which in this case would have been a tragedy.

Daybreak Colorado William Woodward