A Life of Travel

I read this the other day, and thought it was worthy of sharing.

“A life of travel is a good thing to have. But once you start off on it, there’s no looking back. What traveling does do to you is work its way inside of you, changing you completely as it finds a seat deep within you. It’s a parasite with a greedily voracious appetite. That bastard is hungry. Once the travel bug bites, you’re afflicted for life. Once the wanderlust hits, your feet never stop being restless.”

A Nice Place to Set Up Camp

Cruising around the countryside of Romania with a great friend from my time spent in Alabama left me wanting more.  We had pulled off the side of the road, a very inconspicuous place, the kind you might only pull over for if you knew what was down the hill thru the trees.  A short walk down to the waters edge opened up to a beautiful lake with a group of folks who were camping on the opposite side.  That seemed like a pretty nice place to get away to.  Maybe next time, that will be me in one of those tents.

Nice Place for Camping William Woodward