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Fireworks Sail

Last night was a late night, we zipped in to Chicago to catch the fireworks off of Navy Pier from a small 6 person sailboat aboard the Bliss, run by SeaBreeze Charters.  It was a great challenge to figure out the best ways to capture the moment of fireworks while out on the water, but I think I came away with some good images, and even more love of sailboats.

Park at the Door – Hangzhou, China

I have a fascination with Asian inspired architecture, the colors, the intricacy of details, the lines and shapes.  Here, I was having a little wander around some of the back alley ways off of West Lake, looking for some slightly less crowded views of the city. At the base of a large hill with a temple on top you come the spot where to road ends and the trail of stairs begins. Here a few bikes were left to continue on foot.

Park at the Door Hangzhou William Woodward