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Long Exposures

I think I mentioned this already, but these long exposures have been SO much fun.  Using the 10 stop ND has changed my photography I think for the better.

*Out of the Ocean – Haystack Rock // Cannon Beach, Oregon*

Well, this is officially my first published photo from Oregon (not published first on the blog, just the one I actually finished first :)…).  Not too shabby of a night I have to say! We had an epic sunset, of which I didn’t do a great job of capturing, but Britta did.  Luckily I was saved with this ultra long exposure shot after the sun had gone down.

Technical Details:

  • Nikon D600
  • ISO 400
  • 16mm
  • f4
  • 330sec (5.5min)

Out of the Ocean Cannon Beach William Woodward