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Photo Stories

I’m planning a new type of post in the near future, photo stories.  It’s a plan to tell a little more behind the scenes of some of our adventures.  Keep an eye out in the near future!

*Andrew – Eagle River Canyon // Anchorage, Alaska*

It’s amazing how small the world can make you feel sometimes. Andrew and I played rugby together in Illinois on and off over the last years, but probably hadn’t seen each other in over 8 months. While I was traveling thru Alaska, sitting at a random bar getting a frosty beverage and taking in the day, a stranger sat down next to me, face obscured by a ball cap and beard. A moment of ‘who the hell is this’ quickly turned to amazement, followed by hugs and laughter.

I’m putting together a small photo essay on the dog’s that we were introduced to thru Andrew, as it was a truly awesome experience to spend so much time with Andrew and his dogs, to really see the relationship that they have.

Meet Andrew. A solid rugby player, good friend, and dog musher.

dog musher anchorage alaska eagle creek william woodward

dog musher anchorage alaska eagle river william woodward