“Once in a lifetime.” That’s what I keep hearing about this trip. It’s a major undertaking no doubt, but I have a hard time thinking that there’s anything that’s worth doing once that I wouldn’t want to do again. Check back in in a month and a half and see if I still feel the same way! ——
@backcountry has been supporting my odd ideas for adventure for years now, and actually they are the reason that @sonofaboat and I first met. ——-
Sailing across an ocean is a bit gear intensive, as you might imagine. From extreme waterproof gear, headlamps, knives, camping stoves to sleeping bags. One of the best things we bought for this trip were our two new lounge chairs, aka Crazy Creeks. Check out @backcountry and you can use code WILL15 for 15% off your first purchase at backcountry.com! (exclusions apply) #findyourbackcountry