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Sunset Burning Over Phoenix

Valley of the Sun

Arizona creates some great sunsets… I should really go back and visit.

*Sunset Burning Over Phoenix – Camelback Mountain // Phoenix, Arizona*

Wow, where has the time gone. One of my early images that I captured with Annie and Drew on a great (albeit a bit late in the afternoon) hike up Camelback Mountain.

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, one of the trickiest things about sunset, is that it gets dark afterwards, which while you’re a mile or two up a small mountain can be a bit tricky. Especially with no head lamps.

camelback mountain sunset phoenix arizona william woodward

Shadows on Signs

HDR Panoramic Tutorial

Hopefully this will be finished up this week.  My ankle seems to be healing up nicely, so I’m heading back to the rugby pitch this afternoon, so that will be taking up a good bit of my free time, but I think that this tutorial will go smother than my first, and I’m excited to share more.

Shadows on Signs

Industrial and aged, another sign that I would likely disregard.  🙂

Shadows Signs Arizona William Woodward

Industrial Coffee

Industrial Coffee

Well it seems like I’ve finally got this cold knocked out. I’ve been able to work on some new photos here recently, and today we have one from back in Arizona. Drew and I popped out for a nice coffee at a little industrial looking place, so I set up the camera and rattled off a few sets of shots while we sampled the different brews.

Industrial Coffee Tempe William Woodward



Whenever you see a “No Trespassing” sign, does it make you want to trespass just a little? I don’t really mind having to climb over fences to get the angles that I want, so they are just speed bumps in getting to where you need to go. It would have been really neat to explore more inside these buildings, but they did a better job of sealing off all entrances from all but the most determined explorers, and I didn’t have on my climbing pants.

Abandoned Tempe William Woodward

Abandoned 2 Tempe William Woodward

Private Property

Private Property

I think if you are this close to a no trespassing sign, you are probably on the verge of trespassing.  I also have a bad tendency of taking these kinds of signs as more ‘suggestions’ than anything.  So far it’s worked out pretty well for me, and I don’t ever do it anywhere to terribly dangerous or where I may get in ‘real’ trouble, but there are so many cool places to be that I want to share!

Private Property Arizona William Woodward