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As the Town Sleeps

The Wee Hours

I love staying up late, and being up early.  I suppose I just like being around when the majority of the population is fast asleep.  It’s quiet, peaceful, and beautiful.

*As the Town Sleeps – North Shore // Big Bear Lake, California*

After being sufficiently sundrenched in the desert at Joshua Tree, I took off towards the mountains of San Bernardino County. While it wasn’t quite as adventurous as hammocking in the desert, the beach/wine/reading created a welcome afternoon, and the clear skies that night quickly filled with the sparkles of the milky way.


big bear lake milky way california william woodward

Into the Desert

*Into the Desert – Racetrack Playa // Death Valley, California*

Wow I can’t believe it was nearly two years ago that we sped across Southern California, chasing an idea to see Death Valley for the first time. Seeing the cracked earth pulling apart from itself, the soft feel of the packed ground were stark contrasts. The thing I remember most was the empty stillness. It’s like no where else.

Tomorrow we’re venturing in to a new desert, The Alvord Desert, in South East Oregon. I expect some similarities, some differences, but mostly I expect it to be completely unexpected. No cell service, sunny skies, a couple good books and a little curiosity should be just right.

death valley racetrack playa grandstand william woodward

Follow Me Home

New Camping

Trying out a new camping technique the other weekend, after a nice hike up past Tamanawas Falls.


*Follow Me Home – Avenue of the Giants // Redwoods National Park, California*

I almost forgot, we went to the Redwoods! It was amazing because there were approximately 7 others there at the time, and 3 of them were the Elk we saw every morning.

I find it somewhat difficult to fully capture the magnitude in a single image of something like the Redwoods, or the Sequoias, the great trees of the West. That being said, I hope this does them justice in their beauty.

avenue of the giants redwood trees national park william woodward

Rocks and Steel


San Francisco, aka SF, should stand for ‘so fun’ to photograph.  That was lame… Sorry…

*Rocks and Steel – Golden Gate Bridge // San Francisco, California*

It’s hard to go to SF without shooting the GGB. Of course, though, I was struck with no fog. I was looking to shoot the bridge in a way that was out of the ordinary, and not having much luck. Then, I noticed a large rocky outcropping down the hill, and thought that might make an interesting juxtaposition between the bridge and the headlands.

I just wish Toby Harriman would have told me about the Poison Ivy down here before I had carelessly tramped around… Oh well, I hope I didn’t transfer any to his couch 🙂

golden gate bridge rock at hawk hill san francisco william woodward

At Night They Race

Where to 2014

I’m trying to plan out a few serious photo trips for 2014, and it’s harder than ever… I’m really considering Glacier National Park, and perhaps a trip down to California again.  Thoughts?

*At Night They Race – Racetrack Playa // Death Valley, California*

The sailing stones were easily my favorite part of death valley. Well really, the whole playa in general. Second runner up would have been the dunes, but these interesting formations were just too much fun to explore and philosophize their creation.

There was almost a glow from the moon on the sands of the playa, and we stayed out finding new stones and new paths well after midnight. This is definitely on the 2014 potential trips list. Unfortunately, it’s a long list 🙂

racetrack playa death valley william woodward

Steel Blue

Behind the Scenes

We hit the trails again this weekend, this time trying out to find a new waterfall that is pretty under-explored.  I took a few gear photos while I was all set up, for the Gear Reviews page.  We didn’t find the waterfall I wanted, but maybe next time.


*Steel Blue // Treasure Island, San Francisco*

This seems like ages ago, but last time I was in SF I met up with a few folks and spent a sunrise and sunset shooting around the city. I am definitely jealous of their daily views, including this one from Treasure Island.   We spent the evening shooting the bridge, the city, and generally having a jolly time ha! 🙂

bay bridge view from treasure island william woodward