As the Sun Pours Out

Great Things

I’ve read or heard or something (terrible start to a sentence) that in order to do great things, you have to take great risks.  I’m very certain that is true, and even those who’ve been there before, looking towards the next ‘big thing’ can be daunting.

As the Sun Pours Out

There are a few places that really stand out in my memory, and this is definitely one of them.   I think it has to do with being the first time I was in this type of amazing terrain.  I mean I’ve been thru the mountains and all, but there was something about these particular mountains.  It may have been that it was my first ‘real’ time travelling outside the US, and being on my own, and realizing that THIS was really happening.  In any case, the Peruvian culture that was dispersed throughout this beautiful landscape was something to be seen.  We had previously stopped in a little town, where you can buy some trinkets  but I was more interested in the food!  They had Coca tea, (thru some chemical processes, these are the same plants that cocaine is extracted from) which is great for helping your body with the altitude, and a very interesting corn on the cob and cheese combo.  None of that melty fake nacho cheese, a chunk off a wheel, sweet with a little bit of a cheddar bite.

Peru Mountains William Woodward

Streetside in Lima

Free Stuff? 

I think everyone likes free stuff.  There is going to be a big contest, and I’m giving something away.  I mean it’s not that big of a surprise, but I’m pretty excited about it.

Streetside in Lima

This is not the prize, this is a shot from a few years back, wandering the streets of Lima, Peru.  I was pretty burnt out after spending so much time at high altitude at Machu Picchu and in Cusco that by the time that I arrived in Lima I had to really persuade myself to go out and explore a bit.  That being said, I’m sure glad I did.  While it’s got it’s standard ‘big city’ things, it does have a good bit of history to it as well.  The architecture and culture are worth getting out and about for alone, and add in a tour or two of some of the interesting buildings and you’ve got yourself a nice afternoon!

Streetside Lima Peru William Woodward

Comin in Hot

What to do, what to do

Choices, choices, but I’m leaning towards something tomorrow reaaaaaaaaally early.  We’ll see how I feel at 5:30am…

Comin’ in Hot

While we were driving on thru Colorado, I noticed that there was a plane up ahead that was being pretty erratic.  Not really sure what was going on I threw on the zoom lens to see if I could get in a little closer.  Seems that this plane was doing a few air acrobatics, and as we came upon it, the show continued.  As he rolled and weaved, the trail melded in with the clouds, going up and down like the mountains.

Hot Colorado William Woodward

Twilight Moonrise on a Desert City

Earth Without Art

The ‘earth’ without ‘art’… It’s just ‘eh’.

Twilight Moonrise on a Desert City

Hiking Camelback Mountain was a pretty awesome experience.  The neat thing about it is you are completely cut off from any sort of city feeling while you’re hiking, but then when you get up high enough, you can see that you are completely surrounded by a sprawling urban landscape.  I guess you could say that we started the hike a little later than we should have, mainly due to the fact that we didn’t have any light sources, like a flashlight.  Luckily it was a full moon night, and we had just enough light to make it back down the mountain safely, and get a few neat shots along the way!

Moonrise Phoenix Arizona William Woodward

Fire Sunset in Mexico

Fire Sunset in Mexico

As many of you know, I’ve talked a lot about re-processing old photos, especially if you really like a shot, but maybe you don’t love the way it turned out.  This was a prime example.  This shot has always been one that really intrigued me, but there were definitely elements about it that I could have done better.  If you take a look at them full screen, you’ll see the differences too.  And remember to use the new techniques you have on old photos.  You’ll enjoy the results!


Fire Sunset Mexico William Woodward


Fire Sunset Old Mexico William Woodward

Shrine of Memory

Shrine of Memory

An ongoing tribute to Virginians who have lost their lives in the military pursuits dating back to WWII, currently housing a total of 11,634 names.  At the end of the the shrine, a statue stands, entitled “Memory”, which is said to symbolize both the pride and sorrow for the fallen. A warm summer evening found me exploring the area, and the glass reflections and engravings had a very intriguing feeling to them.

Memory Richmond William Woodward