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Into the Desert

*Into the Desert – Racetrack Playa // Death Valley, California*

Wow I can’t believe it was nearly two years ago that we sped across Southern California, chasing an idea to see Death Valley for the first time. Seeing the cracked earth pulling apart from itself, the soft feel of the packed ground were stark contrasts. The thing I remember most was the empty stillness. It’s like no where else.

Tomorrow we’re venturing in to a new desert, The Alvord Desert, in South East Oregon. I expect some similarities, some differences, but mostly I expect it to be completely unexpected. No cell service, sunny skies, a couple good books and a little curiosity should be just right.

death valley racetrack playa grandstand william woodward

At Night They Race

Where to 2014

I’m trying to plan out a few serious photo trips for 2014, and it’s harder than ever… I’m really considering Glacier National Park, and perhaps a trip down to California again.  Thoughts?

*At Night They Race – Racetrack Playa // Death Valley, California*

The sailing stones were easily my favorite part of death valley. Well really, the whole playa in general. Second runner up would have been the dunes, but these interesting formations were just too much fun to explore and philosophize their creation.

There was almost a glow from the moon on the sands of the playa, and we stayed out finding new stones and new paths well after midnight. This is definitely on the 2014 potential trips list. Unfortunately, it’s a long list 🙂

racetrack playa death valley william woodward

Finding Your Way Home


What gets you inspired? For me it’s travel movies, or books, something that I can find that stirs the imagination.

*Finding Your Way Home // Northern Illinois*

I went this whole last week without picking up my camera. Not for the lack of opportunities, rather a shortcoming on my part to find something interesting. It was a great week back home, spent with family and friends, and to prove that there is interesting things to shoot I thought now was an appropriate time to share this photograph from some time ago, early in my attempts to capture beautiful things.

Once in a while I got lucky 😉

sunburst forest sunset william woodward

Under the Double Arch


I have been feeling a bit of extra wanderlust here lately… I think I need to get out in to nature to settle my mind.

*Under the Double Arch – Arches National Park // Moab, Utah*

This shot was made during an unfortunately brief trip to Arches National Park. A place I would definitely love to go back and visit again. If you’ve never seen them in person, it’s hard to imagine how massive these arches actually are, but to give an idea, the height of one of the arches is over 10 stories tall!

double arch arches national park utah william woodward