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In a Cloud of Color


Looking back thru photos is how I remember places.  They bring back such strong memories, and it makes me happy to be able to remember them more vividly thru photographs.

*In a Cloud of Color – Holi Festival // Spanish Fork, Utah*

My Favorites | 13 for 2013 (4 of 13)

How could a ‘Favorites of 2013’ collection be complete without a shot from the Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork? It was a 100 mile an hour week long journey from Denver to Salt Lake City and back, with two extremely colorful days spent at the festival.

Now the question is, who wants to go next year?

holi festival utah krishna temple festival of colors william woodward

A Christmas Kind of Feeling

City Scapes

I think I want to start shooting some more cityscapes, but landscapes are just so much more fun to get to… Photographer problems…

*A Christmas Kind of Feeling – Rockefeller Plaza // NYC*

I took this shot last year during my stint in the city, and thought it was fitting as we move in to this year’s Christmas season. ‘It’s beginning to look a lot light Christmas’ is stuck in my head today, but I’ve taken a new liking to carols this year, so it’s okay by me.

A Christmas Kind of Feeling

Steel Blue

Behind the Scenes

We hit the trails again this weekend, this time trying out to find a new waterfall that is pretty under-explored.  I took a few gear photos while I was all set up, for the Gear Reviews page.  We didn’t find the waterfall I wanted, but maybe next time.


*Steel Blue // Treasure Island, San Francisco*

This seems like ages ago, but last time I was in SF I met up with a few folks and spent a sunrise and sunset shooting around the city. I am definitely jealous of their daily views, including this one from Treasure Island.   We spent the evening shooting the bridge, the city, and generally having a jolly time ha! :)

bay bridge view from treasure island william woodward

Colors in the Leaves

Wall Mural

We’re printing a 92″ x 85″ wall mural today.  This should be awesome!  I’ll definitely share it when it’s on the wall!

*Colors in the Leaves – Rural // Cherry Valley, Illinois*

I realized I never published this photo… Woops! Last year, I nearly missed fall colors due to spending a month+ in southern California. Not complaining, just don’t have a whole lot from last year!

Colors of the Leaves William Woodward

The Guardians

New Reviews Page

Now, to go along with the gear that I use, I have and will continue to be reviewing new equipment that I’m currently using.  Check it out!  Gear Reviews

*The Guardians – West Lake // Hangzhou, China*

These little (relatively) statues stood guard at the entrance to a long path on one of the many winding side streets outside the crowded West Lake.  I’m hoping to make a trip back to China in the next months, maybe early next year. Now to find out when tourist season is, and make sure that’s not when I’ll be going…

The Guardians Hangzhou William Woodward

At Last Light

Playing at Sparks Lake

I watched the sun go down at Sparks Lake last night.  I can never get enough of reflections!


*At Last Light // Central Utah*

The sun had long gone down, and we were still on the road. The GPS showed a huge body of water off to the right, but no roads leading to it. There was a small gravel road leading off the highway, so in SUV fashion we decided it was probably fine. That road gets you close, but not quite all the way to the water. There was a pesky barbed wire fence that almost took a little piece of me with it, but on the waters edge was exactly what I was looking for, even in the 20mph winds

At Last Light