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The Guardians

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Now, to go along with the gear that I use, I have and will continue to be reviewing new equipment that I’m currently using.  Check it out!  Gear Reviews

*The Guardians – West Lake // Hangzhou, China*

These little (relatively) statues stood guard at the entrance to a long path on one of the many winding side streets outside the crowded West Lake.  I’m hoping to make a trip back to China in the next months, maybe early next year. Now to find out when tourist season is, and make sure that’s not when I’ll be going…

The Guardians Hangzhou William Woodward

Boats in a Row


It can come from anywhere… Change is on the horizon, one way or another. What would you do?

*Boats in a Row – West Lake // Hangzhou, China*

I’m not terribly sure that I should have been out on this dock. Seeings as you only had to step over one relatively short rope to get here, I can’t imagine that security was all that concerned about it. The way the colors complimented each other, and the boats all lined up and tied off together, it was a perfect scene.

You could spend a full day just wandering around the shore of West Lake, with plenty to see and eat and do along the way. I thought about taking on of the gondola (I’m sure it’s called something else there) rides out to the center of the lake, but decided to save it for next time.

Boats Hangzhou william woodward

Street Sweeping

Say Yes

Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is what could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you. ~ Eckhart Tolle

Street Sweeping – Hangzhou, China

In cities it seems I’m regularly drawn to street photography. This wet and overcast day in Hangzhou, the colors of the city drew me in to the alley ways intertwining and crisscrossing each other. A splash of orange of the worker offset the utilitarian buildings on either side.

Street Sweeping Hangzhou William Woodward

Park at the Door

Fireworks Sail

Last night was a late night, we zipped in to Chicago to catch the fireworks off of Navy Pier from a small 6 person sailboat aboard the Bliss, run by SeaBreeze Charters.  It was a great challenge to figure out the best ways to capture the moment of fireworks while out on the water, but I think I came away with some good images, and even more love of sailboats.

Park at the Door – Hangzhou, China

I have a fascination with Asian inspired architecture, the colors, the intricacy of details, the lines and shapes.  Here, I was having a little wander around some of the back alley ways off of West Lake, looking for some slightly less crowded views of the city. At the base of a large hill with a temple on top you come the spot where to road ends and the trail of stairs begins. Here a few bikes were left to continue on foot.

Park at the Door Hangzhou William Woodward

West Lake

Where to Next

A question that will plague us for ages.

West Lake – Hangzhou, China

Going for a bit of a minimalist feel here, during an overcast day exploring around the beautiful West Lake. I’m happy that the fog lifted later in the day, but it was fun having everything a bit obscured as well.

West Lake Hangzhou William Woodward

A Slight Lean

Meant to Be

What are you doing this week?

meant to be

A Slight Lean

It was a moody day walking around the streets of Hangzhou. Overcast mixed with on and off rain made the streets reflect all the city lights. I’ve always been a fan of roundabouts, and this one had a little temple in the middle! How cool is that?!

Slight Lean Hangzhou William Woodward