Britta and I have a trip planned out to the gorge this Thursday and Friday, sounds like the perfect time to find a few more adventures!

*Tangled – Rowena Crest // Mosier, Oregon*

The beauty of natural things still gets me. While I definitely am still a novice to this whole wildflowers thing, I can quickly see how it can entrance someone.

wildflowers columbia river gorge rowena crest william woodward

Lost in the Night


It’s very interesting being truly alone.  Not very many places can you be in such a vast area with no one near by.

wtw alvord

*Lost in the Night – Alvord Desert // Princeton, Oregon*

While I’ve been to many remote places, the Alvord desert either was, or at least felt like it was, one of the remotest. We set up camp somewhere in the middle of the 7×12 mile wide playa, a remnant of the alkali Alvord Lake which once covered the area.

One thing you’ll notice right away is how big the sky is, and at night it fills with stars beyond belief. Not a light on the horizon to be found.

alvord desert milky way astrophotography oregon william woodward

In the Distance

Alaska Exploration

Next month, I’ll be joining Dave Taylor (David Ryan Taylor Photography) for another adventure, full of mosquitoes and Lupines!  We had a great couple of days shooting together in Anchorage, and it’s been great getting to know him and his wife.

wtw alaska river

*In the Distance – Denali National Park // Alaska Range*

Words find no way to express the magnitude of a mountain range like the Alaska Range.  It’s beyond anything I’ve seen before, and last night I was lucky enough to have had the pleasure to take a flight loop around Mount McKinley (also known as Denali).  Seeing a 20,000 foot high mountain from 23,000 feet brought even another perspective to the extreme challenge that it would be to climb.  Maybe one day… 😛

denali national park mount mckinley sunset william woodward


Cherry Blossom Season

While it was pretty white in Alaska (besides the northern lights of course), it’s been a color explosion here in Portland, along with the annual cherry blossoms, just about everything else is in bloom as well.  I can’t wait for wildflower season!

cherry blossoms

*Glass – Eagle River // Anchorage, Alaska*

On a tip from a fellow northern lights photographer up in Fairbanks, I went exploring at the Eagle River Nature Center my first night in Anchorage. The park was empty, the wilderness was silent. It was a perfect place to get lost in making photographs. This one turned out to be one of my favorites.

eagle river nature center anchorage william woodward

Night Wanderer


Sometimes I take less glamorous selfies, and sometimes I get caught.  Britta snapped a shot of me waiting for the timer to go off.


*Night Wanderer – Little Chena River // Fairbanks, Alaska*

‘I don’t usually take selfies, but when I do, there is Aurora Borealis in the background’ ~ Me.  So, who wants to go back to Alaska?

aurora borealis northern lights little chena river william woodward

Follow Me Home

New Camping

Trying out a new camping technique the other weekend, after a nice hike up past Tamanawas Falls.


*Follow Me Home – Avenue of the Giants // Redwoods National Park, California*

I almost forgot, we went to the Redwoods! It was amazing because there were approximately 7 others there at the time, and 3 of them were the Elk we saw every morning.

I find it somewhat difficult to fully capture the magnitude in a single image of something like the Redwoods, or the Sequoias, the great trees of the West. That being said, I hope this does them justice in their beauty.

avenue of the giants redwood trees national park william woodward