Waiting || Peter Iredale

Baby It’s Cold Outside

As this cold snap comes to an end, I hope that at least a few people had an aurora storm to keep company these last few days, because most of the country hasn’t had any warm weather!

*Waiting – Peter Iredale // Warrenton, Oregon*

Since the majority of the US is going thru quite a cold snap, I thought I would share something that might make y’all feel just a bit warmer. Not that winter on a PNW beach is exactly balmy, but I think the point stands.

The Peter Iredale is a shipwreck found on a beach outside Warrenton Oregon, and to my surprise the night we decided to explore it, we were lucky enough to be relatively alone in our attempts. I find my favorite memories aren’t from those spots where you’re fighting for a spot to stick your tripod, but from where you’re alone to explore the possibilities of making your photograph.

shipreck peter iredale oregon coast william woodward

In a Cloud of Color


Looking back thru photos is how I remember places.  They bring back such strong memories, and it makes me happy to be able to remember them more vividly thru photographs.

*In a Cloud of Color – Holi Festival // Spanish Fork, Utah*

My Favorites | 13 for 2013 (4 of 13)

How could a ‘Favorites of 2013’ collection be complete without a shot from the Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork? It was a 100 mile an hour week long journey from Denver to Salt Lake City and back, with two extremely colorful days spent at the festival.

Now the question is, who wants to go next year?

holi festival utah krishna temple festival of colors william woodward

From Above

Drink and Click

Tonight we’re venturing out to shoot some christmas lights with the Portland ‘Drink and Click’ group!  It’s as awesome as it sounds, photographers, picture taking, and some adult beverages :{  Find out if you have a Drink and Click near you HERE.

*From Above – Pittock Mansion // Portland, Oregon*

It’s definitely not a secret that one of the best overviews of Portland is at Pittock Mansion. I definitely lucked out in that the first trip up to shoot the city I was graced with both a clear view to Mt Hood, and a colorful sunset. With this bird’s eye view of the city, it’s easy to tell why Portland is such a great place to call home.

  • Nikon D600
  • f13 @ 65mm
  • 1/5sec
  • ISO100
portland oregon city scape mt hood from pittock mansion william woodward

Want a print? http://goo.gl/de7B28

The Way You Move


Inevitably, at some point in time if one’s career as a photographer, they will lose one or more pieces of your gear to the elements.

*The Way You Move – Proxy Falls, Oregon*

 The other week I had a trip down to Bend, so on the way home I thought to take the McKenzie Pass. It was a great drive itself, but the real kicker for me was Proxy Falls. This marvel is not only tall, but it’s wide, over 60 ft!

 I’ll leave out the part where I fell in and lost a lens… But those are the risks of the job I suppose.

proxy falls waterfall william woodward