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Down the Road


All you have to do is commit your entire life to something, which will result in one of two outcomes. Either you will succeed, or you will die trying, which is in and of itself it’s own form of success. ~ Caset Neistat

*Down the Road – Northern Illinois // Cherry Valley *

Why does wandering off into the sunset have to have such an allure?…

illinois long exposure sunset travel william woodward

Finding Your Way Home


What gets you inspired? For me it’s travel movies, or books, something that I can find that stirs the imagination.

*Finding Your Way Home // Northern Illinois*

I went this whole last week without picking up my camera. Not for the lack of opportunities, rather a shortcoming on my part to find something interesting. It was a great week back home, spent with family and friends, and to prove that there is interesting things to shoot I thought now was an appropriate time to share this photograph from some time ago, early in my attempts to capture beautiful things.

Once in a while I got lucky ;)

sunburst forest sunset william woodward

The Moments Between

Long Exposures

These continue to be an interesting new way to capture the world.  So many things look different when you capture their light over seconds, and things really begin to get fun when you start talking about images that take minutes to create.

*The Moments Between // Cherry Valley, Illinois*

This was one of the first actual photos that I took with my 10 stop ND, so I like it a little extra because of that.

I used to drive by this barn all the time, so it became something that I shot over the course of a lot of different seasons and weather conditions, but I think this might be my favorite.

long exposure barn sunset william woodward

In the Setting Sun

Where to Weekend?

To head out this weekend, or relax and catch up on some projects… Decisions, decisions.

*In the Setting Sun // Illinois*

Thoughts that go thru my head while driving. ‘Oh look, there’s a horse, and it’s sunset… I should probably go take some photos of it. (As I’m making a u-turn) I already have a ton of horse photos, okay I’ll just take one or two then keep going…’

30 minutes later…

horse at sunset William Woodward

Colors in the Leaves

Wall Mural

We’re printing a 92″ x 85″ wall mural today.  This should be awesome!  I’ll definitely share it when it’s on the wall!

*Colors in the Leaves – Rural // Cherry Valley, Illinois*

I realized I never published this photo… Woops! Last year, I nearly missed fall colors due to spending a month+ in southern California. Not complaining, just don’t have a whole lot from last year!

Colors of the Leaves William Woodward