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The Waves Came In


Last weekend Britta Emily and I went to Cannon Beach again, in search of Puffins. We managed a sighting, but I definitely realized that we’re going to need to go a little further for closer contact. Alaska or Iceland? Don’t mind if I do.

*The Waves Came In – Haystack Rock // Cannon Beach, Oregon*

It’s amazing the number of ways to try and display this beautiful place. It’s also pretty nice to be an hour drive away.

haystack rock cannon beach sunset waves ocean william woodward

The Duet

Way Behind

Whoops, somehow I ended up WAY behind on my posts! ┬áCatching up tonight at the airport ­čÖé

*The Duet – Haystack Rock // Cannon Beach, Oregon*

After a windy adventure at Ecola park, making jacket parachutes and all around shenanigans, we ventured down to the beach to pick up rocks and shells (obviously).

A rain storm always has good potential for an interesting sunset, and just as this one looked to be a dud, a ray of hope and a bit of color peaked out on the horizon. Since you would have had to be standing in the rain to be on the beach at this time, there was only one or two other folks out there, making for a very peaceful time to photograph. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the possibilities of the Oregon Coast.

haystack rock cannon beach oregon william woodward

Riding the Waves

Drink & Click

If you’re in the Portland area this weekend, there is a great Drink And Click event going on at Punchbowl Falls! Don’t forget your swim suits! ┬áDetails here:┬á

*Riding the Waves – Pacific Ocean // Cannon Beach, Oregon*

Well these definitely aren’t the waves that all the folks down at the Mavericks International will be getting today, but they are more of the peaceful kind that you fall asleep to in a tent on the beach, which is okay too. There was just enough wind to blow drops of water off the whitecaps, catching the glimmer of the setting sun.

Riding the Waves pacific ocean sunset william woodward

In the Setting Sun

Happy New Year! Y’all be safe tonight!

*In the Setting Sun – Haystack Rock // Cannon Beach, OR*

My Favorites | 13 for 2013 (11 of 13)

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night. During the Stormy Weather Festival, I ran out from Cannon Beach and made it to the edge of the dunes just as the sun peeked out below the clouds, casting light and color over Haystack Rock.

cannon beach haystack rock beautiful sunset william woodward

Holding on to the Light

Thanksgiving Adventures

We’ll be going on some new adventures this week! ┬áTrying out some new locations and general food and beverage holiday consumption! ┬á­čÖé

*Holding on to the Light – Haystack Rock // Cannon Beach, Oregon*

I might shoot Haystack Rock a little too often. It’s one of those places tho where every time it’s different, but somewhat the same. A storm had rolled thru just moments before, and I was still wet from knee down from a larger than expected wave coming by, but the way the sand held the sky’s reflection was perfect.

haystack rock storm william woodward

A storm rolls over Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Out of the Ocean

Long Exposures

I think I mentioned this already, but these long exposures have been SO much fun.  Using the 10 stop ND has changed my photography I think for the better.

*Out of the Ocean – Haystack Rock // Cannon Beach, Oregon*

Well, this is officially my first published photo from Oregon (not published first on the blog, just the one I actually finished first :)…). ┬áNot too shabby of a night I have to say! We had an epic sunset, of which I didn’t do a great job of capturing, but Britta did. ┬áLuckily I was saved with this ultra long exposure shot after the sun had gone down.

Technical Details:

  • Nikon D600
  • ISO 400
  • 16mm
  • f4
  • 330sec (5.5min)

Out of the Ocean Cannon Beach William Woodward