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Britta and I have a trip planned out to the gorge this Thursday and Friday, sounds like the perfect time to find a few more adventures!

*Tangled – Rowena Crest // Mosier, Oregon*

The beauty of natural things still gets me. While I definitely am still a novice to this whole wildflowers thing, I can quickly see how it can entrance someone.

wildflowers columbia river gorge rowena crest william woodward

In Bloom


This is a whole new ballgame for me.  They are surprisingly challenging and interesting to try to capture in an image.  I’ll keep practicing though, don’t worry 🙂

*In Bloom – Horsethief Butte // Washington*

Just getting in to the swing of this wildflower thing, but it’s been pretty fun getting to know all the different finds you’ll come across in the gorge, from raging waterfalls to delicate flowers, all with the Columbia River and majestic Mt. Hood in the distance.

wildflowers oregon washington gorge william woodward

On the Other Side

Crater Lake

Sounds like this weekend is going to be overcast and rainy in town, but it’s sunny at Crater Lake National Park, who’s ready for a snowshoe adventure?! Let’s go!

*On the Other Side – Ruckel Creek // Columbia River Gorge, Oregon*

It’s been a while since I’ve made a good old fashioned waterfall photograph. Here’s one from a lesser known (relatively) hike in the Gorge, up Ruckel Creek. I’d like to get back out there now that the weather is warming up a bit, and hit some of the other falls a bit further up the river.

ruckel creek columbia river gorge oregon william woodward

Flying High

Way Up High

Image taken on my Galaxy phone, auto backed up to G+, edited with Google+ Photos new editing software on my laptop, and shared it immediately with the world on Facebook. It’s a wild world that we live in isn’t it?


*Flying High – Angel’s Rest // Columbia River Gorge, Oregon*

I’ve found a real enjoyment in long exposure photography.  While there are no rules to say how long an image should take to make, there’s something satisfying about setting up the camera and just walking away.  Being lost in the moment while the camera is doing it’s thing is quite relaxing.

Angel’s Rest is quite the spot to watch a sunset, soaring nearly 2000 ft above the river below.  After a 2.4 mile hike up to the summit, kick back and relax, and enjoy watching the clouds go by.  And if you come for a sunset, be sure to bring a headlamp 🙂

  • Nikon D600
  • 16mm @ f9
  • iso 400
  • 114 seconds

angel's rest peak summit columbia river gorge oregon william woodward

The Story of Our Lives

Photo Titles

I never really know when I’m working on an image what the title is going to be, it just kind of happens as I’m reminiscing on the moment and how the photo has turned out. Sometimes it takes a couple seconds, and sometimes it just sits for a while till it comes to me.

*The Story of Our Lives // Punchbowl Falls, Oregon*

It was a beautiful weekend for a hike up the gorge with the whole Drink And Click group. I’m still waiting for a really foggy day to shoot this waterfall, but in the late afternoon shade it was still a great time to capture the fall’s beauty.

Come summer, I have a plan to swim out there with my camera in a dry sack and get a few up close and personal photographs of the falls. Until then, this view is pretty great too.

punchbowl falls oregon eagle creek waterfall william woodward

Ice Falls

Current Events

Well it’s not often that I have a current events photo! But today is a new day!  I heard that a huge bolder fell some time in the night and took a huge 3ft diameter chunk out of this bridge! That would have been intense to see, just glad to hear that no one was around when it happened!

*Ice Falls – Multnomah Falls // Multnomah Co, Oregon*

This image was made back a few weeks during the cold snap that hit the PNW. It was my first time to experience frozen waterfalls like this, and I really took my time experiencing it all.  Luckily the bridge was still in tact when we were there. 

ice waterfall multnomah falls oregon william woodward