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The Waves Came In


Last weekend Britta Emily and I went to Cannon Beach again, in search of Puffins. We managed a sighting, but I definitely realized that we’re going to need to go a little further for closer contact. Alaska or Iceland? Don’t mind if I do.

*The Waves Came In – Haystack Rock // Cannon Beach, Oregon*

It’s amazing the number of ways to try and display this beautiful place. It’s also pretty nice to be an hour drive away.

haystack rock cannon beach sunset waves ocean william woodward

The Power of the Wave


Well, I head to Alaska in t-minus 6 days.  Excited, yes, prepared, maybe, ready to see what happens?  DEFINITELY.

*The Power of the Wave – Thor’s Well // Cape Perpetua, Oregon*

Last week Britta and I took off towards the coast on Wednesday night, with our eyes fixed southbound towards the mighty Redwoods in northern California. But, before we got there, we spent a night in Newport and Coos Bay, Oregon. On the way out of Newport, we decided to take a quick hike down to Thor’s Well just to see how it was flowing. We totally lucked out with a great sky, and only one soaking wet shoe between us!

thor's well cape perpetua oregon coast wave sunset william woodward

Riding the Waves

Drink & Click

If you’re in the Portland area this weekend, there is a great Drink And Click event going on at Punchbowl Falls! Don’t forget your swim suits!  Details here:

*Riding the Waves – Pacific Ocean // Cannon Beach, Oregon*

Well these definitely aren’t the waves that all the folks down at the Mavericks International will be getting today, but they are more of the peaceful kind that you fall asleep to in a tent on the beach, which is okay too. There was just enough wind to blow drops of water off the whitecaps, catching the glimmer of the setting sun.

Riding the Waves pacific ocean sunset william woodward

Waiting || Peter Iredale

Baby It’s Cold Outside

As this cold snap comes to an end, I hope that at least a few people had an aurora storm to keep company these last few days, because most of the country hasn’t had any warm weather!

*Waiting – Peter Iredale // Warrenton, Oregon*

Since the majority of the US is going thru quite a cold snap, I thought I would share something that might make y’all feel just a bit warmer. Not that winter on a PNW beach is exactly balmy, but I think the point stands.

The Peter Iredale is a shipwreck found on a beach outside Warrenton Oregon, and to my surprise the night we decided to explore it, we were lucky enough to be relatively alone in our attempts. I find my favorite memories aren’t from those spots where you’re fighting for a spot to stick your tripod, but from where you’re alone to explore the possibilities of making your photograph.

shipreck peter iredale oregon coast william woodward