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On the Other Side

Crater Lake

Sounds like this weekend is going to be overcast and rainy in town, but it’s sunny at Crater Lake National Park, who’s ready for a snowshoe adventure?! Let’s go!

*On the Other Side – Ruckel Creek // Columbia River Gorge, Oregon*

It’s been a while since I’ve made a good old fashioned waterfall photograph. Here’s one from a lesser known (relatively) hike in the Gorge, up Ruckel Creek. I’d like to get back out there now that the weather is warming up a bit, and hit some of the other falls a bit further up the river.

ruckel creek columbia river gorge oregon william woodward

Down Below || Horsetail Falls


It’s funny how quickly you become accustomed to waterfalls.  Maybe accustomed is the wrong word, because the magic of being in the presence of that beauty doesn’t go away, but now I find I can sit back and enjoy them for what they are.

*Down Below – Horsetail Falls // Columbia River Gorge, Oregon*

I’m okay with cold spells as long as they lead to frozen waterfalls. I decided to try and crawl under the old scenic highway to see the water flowing from a slightly different angle.

horestail falls oregon ice waterfall william woodward

From Above

Drink and Click

Tonight we’re venturing out to shoot some christmas lights with the Portland ‘Drink and Click’ group!  It’s as awesome as it sounds, photographers, picture taking, and some adult beverages :{  Find out if you have a Drink and Click near you HERE.

*From Above – Pittock Mansion // Portland, Oregon*

It’s definitely not a secret that one of the best overviews of Portland is at Pittock Mansion. I definitely lucked out in that the first trip up to shoot the city I was graced with both a clear view to Mt Hood, and a colorful sunset. With this bird’s eye view of the city, it’s easy to tell why Portland is such a great place to call home.

  • Nikon D600
  • f13 @ 65mm
  • 1/5sec
  • ISO100
portland oregon city scape mt hood from pittock mansion william woodward

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Remember Me

The Gorge

Probably one of the best things about living in Portland is the quick access to the gorge.  I’ve hiked more in the last months since moving here than in the last few years.

*Remember Me – Horsetail Falls, Oregon*

Waterfalls have become such an interesting subject matter to try and photograph. You’d think with such a stunning display of nature, that it would be easy, but there are intricacies that you learn as you begin to do it often.  This is horsetail falls, also nicknamed ponytail falls in the Columbia River Gorge.

horsetail falls waterfall columbia river gorge William Woodward

Glass Reflections at Trillium


It seems like I’m always updating this or that.  I suppose a website owner’s job is never really complete.  I’ll post as often as I can.  Actually I have a collaboration finishing up this weekend, so I’ll be able to write about that some this week too.  Bear with me and I’ll have new images soon!

*Glass Reflections at Trillium // Trillium Lake, Oregon*

What do you think? B&W or Color?

I originally developed this in black and white, but I really wasn’t sure which I liked better, and ended up sharing the color version first ( I’m still not sure which version I like better…

Trillium Lake Reflection William Woodward