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Rocks and Steel


San Francisco, aka SF, should stand for ‘so fun’ to photograph.  That was lame… Sorry…

*Rocks and Steel – Golden Gate Bridge // San Francisco, California*

It’s hard to go to SF without shooting the GGB. Of course, though, I was struck with no fog. I was looking to shoot the bridge in a way that was out of the ordinary, and not having much luck. Then, I noticed a large rocky outcropping down the hill, and thought that might make an interesting juxtaposition between the bridge and the headlands.

I just wish Toby Harriman would have told me about the Poison Ivy down here before I had carelessly tramped around… Oh well, I hope I didn’t transfer any to his couch 🙂

golden gate bridge rock at hawk hill san francisco william woodward

Ice Falls

Current Events

Well it’s not often that I have a current events photo! But today is a new day!  I heard that a huge bolder fell some time in the night and took a huge 3ft diameter chunk out of this bridge! That would have been intense to see, just glad to hear that no one was around when it happened!

*Ice Falls – Multnomah Falls // Multnomah Co, Oregon*

This image was made back a few weeks during the cold snap that hit the PNW. It was my first time to experience frozen waterfalls like this, and I really took my time experiencing it all.  Luckily the bridge was still in tact when we were there. 

ice waterfall multnomah falls oregon william woodward

A Christmas Kind of Feeling

City Scapes

I think I want to start shooting some more cityscapes, but landscapes are just so much more fun to get to… Photographer problems…

*A Christmas Kind of Feeling – Rockefeller Plaza // NYC*

I took this shot last year during my stint in the city, and thought it was fitting as we move in to this year’s Christmas season. ‘It’s beginning to look a lot light Christmas’ is stuck in my head today, but I’ve taken a new liking to carols this year, so it’s okay by me.

A Christmas Kind of Feeling

The Moments Between

Long Exposures

These continue to be an interesting new way to capture the world.  So many things look different when you capture their light over seconds, and things really begin to get fun when you start talking about images that take minutes to create.

*The Moments Between // Cherry Valley, Illinois*

This was one of the first actual photos that I took with my 10 stop ND, so I like it a little extra because of that.

I used to drive by this barn all the time, so it became something that I shot over the course of a lot of different seasons and weather conditions, but I think this might be my favorite.

long exposure barn sunset william woodward

Steel Blue

Behind the Scenes

We hit the trails again this weekend, this time trying out to find a new waterfall that is pretty under-explored.  I took a few gear photos while I was all set up, for the Gear Reviews page.  We didn’t find the waterfall I wanted, but maybe next time.


*Steel Blue // Treasure Island, San Francisco*

This seems like ages ago, but last time I was in SF I met up with a few folks and spent a sunrise and sunset shooting around the city. I am definitely jealous of their daily views, including this one from Treasure Island.   We spent the evening shooting the bridge, the city, and generally having a jolly time ha! 🙂

bay bridge view from treasure island william woodward