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The Mirror


Monday I’m making my second journey to Alaska. It didn’t take long to realize all the beauty this place had to offer, and I’m excited to explore further in to it’s intricacies.

*The Mirror – Eagle River // Anchorage, Alaska*

This is one of the areas that I’m certain I’ll spend more time, Eagle River Nature Center, in the valley of the Chugach Mountains.  I had arrived to this nature area at near sunset, as this time of the year the sun was going down around 17:30.  The air had a cold bite, but it was still, perfect for reflections in the beaver dam lake along the trail.

eagle river nature center anchorage alaska william woodward


Photo Stories

I’m planning a new type of post in the near future, photo stories.  It’s a plan to tell a little more behind the scenes of some of our adventures.  Keep an eye out in the near future!

*Andrew – Eagle River Canyon // Anchorage, Alaska*

It’s amazing how small the world can make you feel sometimes. Andrew and I played rugby together in Illinois on and off over the last years, but probably hadn’t seen each other in over 8 months. While I was traveling thru Alaska, sitting at a random bar getting a frosty beverage and taking in the day, a stranger sat down next to me, face obscured by a ball cap and beard. A moment of ‘who the hell is this’ quickly turned to amazement, followed by hugs and laughter.

I’m putting together a small photo essay on the dog’s that we were introduced to thru Andrew, as it was a truly awesome experience to spend so much time with Andrew and his dogs, to really see the relationship that they have.

Meet Andrew. A solid rugby player, good friend, and dog musher.

dog musher anchorage alaska eagle creek william woodward

dog musher anchorage alaska eagle river william woodward

Into the Desert

*Into the Desert – Racetrack Playa // Death Valley, California*

Wow I can’t believe it was nearly two years ago that we sped across Southern California, chasing an idea to see Death Valley for the first time. Seeing the cracked earth pulling apart from itself, the soft feel of the packed ground were stark contrasts. The thing I remember most was the empty stillness. It’s like no where else.

Tomorrow we’re venturing in to a new desert, The Alvord Desert, in South East Oregon. I expect some similarities, some differences, but mostly I expect it to be completely unexpected. No cell service, sunny skies, a couple good books and a little curiosity should be just right.

death valley racetrack playa grandstand william woodward


Cherry Blossom Season

While it was pretty white in Alaska (besides the northern lights of course), it’s been a color explosion here in Portland, along with the annual cherry blossoms, just about everything else is in bloom as well.  I can’t wait for wildflower season!

cherry blossoms

*Glass – Eagle River // Anchorage, Alaska*

On a tip from a fellow northern lights photographer up in Fairbanks, I went exploring at the Eagle River Nature Center my first night in Anchorage. The park was empty, the wilderness was silent. It was a perfect place to get lost in making photographs. This one turned out to be one of my favorites.

eagle river nature center anchorage william woodward

Under the Double Arch


I have been feeling a bit of extra wanderlust here lately… I think I need to get out in to nature to settle my mind.

*Under the Double Arch – Arches National Park // Moab, Utah*

This shot was made during an unfortunately brief trip to Arches National Park. A place I would definitely love to go back and visit again. If you’ve never seen them in person, it’s hard to imagine how massive these arches actually are, but to give an idea, the height of one of the arches is over 10 stories tall!

double arch arches national park utah william woodward

Glass Reflections at Trillium


It seems like I’m always updating this or that.  I suppose a website owner’s job is never really complete.  I’ll post as often as I can.  Actually I have a collaboration finishing up this weekend, so I’ll be able to write about that some this week too.  Bear with me and I’ll have new images soon!

*Glass Reflections at Trillium // Trillium Lake, Oregon*

What do you think? B&W or Color?

I originally developed this in black and white, but I really wasn’t sure which I liked better, and ended up sharing the color version first ( I’m still not sure which version I like better…

Trillium Lake Reflection William Woodward