Night Wanderer


Sometimes I take less glamorous selfies, and sometimes I get caught.  Britta snapped a shot of me waiting for the timer to go off.


*Night Wanderer – Little Chena River // Fairbanks, Alaska*

‘I don’t usually take selfies, but when I do, there is Aurora Borealis in the background’ ~ Me.  So, who wants to go back to Alaska?

aurora borealis northern lights little chena river william woodward

Poi Fire Dancing

Fire Dancing

A few months ago I had the opportunity to photograph some fire Poi dancing.  I had never done anything like it before, so it was definitely a learning curve.  The sweet spot seemed to be not too long of an exposure, in order to capture both the movement of the fire, but also get the individual as well.  You’ll probably notice in the backgrounds of these images some rather strange lodging, as these were taken at Bloody Lake Rendezvous, a reenactment of the fur trade era in the US.

Burn Burn Burn

Alrighty, here’s Nathan Silvers showing off a spin move.

Burn Burn Burn

May I Have this Dance

I don’t know all what’s happening here with Lark and Kevin Peterson, but I know I like it.  Their fire and bodies intertwined as they danced together in the dark evening.

May I Have This Dance

In Front of the Flames

A final impromptu dance, in front of a small crowd.

In Front of the Flames

At the Arch

Light Painting

If you haven’t tried it, it can be extremely fun!   Just google light painting and you’ll see some of the amazing things that have been done with long exposures and artificial lighting.

At the Arch

After a while, just about everyone had left the arch, save Britta, I, and another couple.  Turns out, he’s a food photographer in Chicago!  So we decide to do a little light painting of the arch, then get even more creative and become parts of the shots ourselves.

Arch Graffiti William Woodward

arch painting