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Masked – Festival of Colors


Here’s a great one for Monday!

“If it excites you and scares the crap out of you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.” ~ Jack Cheng

Masked – Festival of Colors // Spanish Fork, Utah

A little ‘down’ time during the Festival of Colors, enjoying the atmosphere and listening to some amazing music. I believe this was during MC YOGI, who was one of my favorite artists of the entire weekend. There were a lot of these masks around, protecting all the festival goers of the copious amounts of color flying thru the air.

See more Holi pictures HERE.

Festival of Colors Utah William Woodward

The Holi Festival – Part 2

The Holi Festival – Part 2

I can definitely see myself making it back to the Holi Festival in the future.  Maybe I’ll shoot for seeing the original in India…

This little pooch was having a good time at the festival.

I Like Color Too

Another throw, with such a great backdrop.

In Front of the Temple

I’m fairly certain that this child threw color on me as I walked by, you can see the guilty little smirk.


Running the octo-copter, outfitted with a camera.


Who are you pointing that GoPro at?


Streaks of color for one of the last throws of the trip.

Streaks of Color

Playing by the Water


Planning 🙂


Playing by the Water

As the night fades to dusk, a few kids were playing soccer in the wet sand on the beach.  I had to re-position a bit to get the colors of the sunset behind them, but luckily I don’t think they were ready to finish playing any time too soon.   Although I generally enjoy having photos without people, sometimes throwing in a human element can really add a nice touch to a shot.   So, my question, is it still ‘street photography’ if it’s on a beach?

Playing by Water William Woodward

Graffiti in the Round

Photo Giveaway

Check back tomorrow for a sneak peak!

Graffiti in the Round

I generally like graffiti, but I suppose it depends on where it is that the context can change.  After doing a little exploring of the Golden Gate National Park, and trying to catch a few fleeting views of the bridge thru the fast moving clouds, we began exploring more of the batteries that were along the coast line, abandoned and left for new lives.

Graffiti Golden Gate William Woodward

An Evening Ride

Lightroom Presets

I would say I develop maybe 10% of my photos or so thru Lightroom alone, and I often start with a preset.  This one is based off an artist that I really enjoy for his model work, Jaime Ibarra.

An Evening Ride

I loved riding the train in Taiwan.  It was quick to get from A to B, clean, and local.  I always try to get local.  As they say, when it Rome.

Evening Ride Taiwan William Woodward

In the Subway

Street Photography

The ‘Show Us Your Street’ – Street Photography Challenge (remember, photo opportunity!) is now open for submissions!  We’ve got some good feedback already, and are very much looking forward to your entries!  Remember, there is no camera requirement, no level requirement to this challenge, just a chance to get out and try something that may be new to you.

In the Subway

In my Street Photography tutorial (available HERE), I talked about some different types of ways to incorporate people in to your street photography.  Consenting, Incognizant, and Supporting, being the main three.  This shot is a nice example of the supporting role that people can play in a shot, and realistically this is even more abstract than the way I described the supporting characteristics.  As you can see none of these folks are very much paying attention to the fact that I was shooting here, and there isn’t really and direct indication that the people are the focus of the shot, but their movement thru the scene directly adds to the composition, especially, I feel, the still shoes on the walkway.

Chicago Subway William Woodward