We Let it All Go

New Tutorials

I’m writing a few new tutorials, and updating the current for a better flow.  I hope you all are taking lots of great new photos in the new year!

*We Let it All Go – Spirit Falls // Carson, Washington*

Well it’s official, this is the first image made in 2014. It may be a little preemptive of me, but I think it’s already on my list of ‘favorites of the year’! Ha!

This is the kind of place that really is perfect to explore. Part of my new years goals was to actually shoot less, and really imagine the final photo that I’m trying to make with each shot. Although, I didn’t take in to account how hard this capture would be. The flow of the river was really high, and with mist and rain filling the air it was nearly impossible to keep the lens dry. Combine that with the wet and mossy rocks that I wanted to climb to get the perfect angle, and this really was a difficult shot to get. But, at the end of the day it was great to just be in that moment, experiencing this type of beauty.

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