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That’s it, I need an assistant.  There’s not enough hours in the day.  Well there are, but I’m extremely caught up in the show Breaking Bad right now, and it’s really cutting in to work time.

*Grand – Grand Teton National Park*

All these awesome panoramas have been going around lately, so I thought I’d join the party! This was shot this fall at the Grand Tetons National Park at sunrise. It was one of the two sunrises that you could actually even see the mountains, so I’m glad we had a good vantage point!

Final image is 20kx6k and  it might hang above my bed one of these days 🙂

grand teton panoramic william woodward

Free and Easy Down the Road


Extra batteries, extra memory cards, extras extras extras, because you never know when the sun might burst thru those clouds!  Seriously though, there is nothing worse than being somewhere awesome, or having that one perfect opportunity and not being able to capitalize on the shot.  I generally carry about 100GB worth of card storage and 4 charged batteries.  Depending on what type of shooting I’m doing, that might last a week, or a few days

*Free and Easy Down the Road – Grand Teton National Park*

After a few nights of getting skunked for sunsets by low clouds and snow, finally the light came out on our last evening, shining thru the clouds and pouring out it’s rays.

Free Down the Road William Woodward

Colors in the River

Getting Caught Up

Finishing up some new projects, making plans for the next, and trying to shoot as often as possible.  One could make a full time job out of this 😉

*Colors in the River – Grand Teton National Park // WY*

What a beautiful time of year to be at Yellowstone. The fall colors had just begun to turn on the trees, and they mixed with the greens of the coniferous trees just perfectly.  I have to thank Ally Alexis Coram (on Facebook HERE)  for the Oxbow Bend recommendation, for it turned out to be one of my favorite views in the park.

Colors in River Grand Teton William Woodward

They Dance with the Clouds


I just realized how many photos I have to publish… I’ve got them all marked, though, so look out the next week, I’ll probably publish one every day!

*They Dance with the Clouds – Grand Tetons National Park // Jackson, Wyoming*

Late in to the night, the clouds meander thru the high peaks of the Tetons, currently my favorite mountain range in the US. Their simple beauty and majestic stance, an awe inspiring view to be up close and experience.

Hopefully it sounds like the National Parks will be completely opening up soon, so that everyone can visit! For now, I hope my photography does them some justice.

Clouds Grand Tetons William Woodward

Reaching in to the Night

Camping Weekend! 

Heading out to check out Mt. St. Helens for the weekend!  Time to get out and get in to nature!

*Reaching in to the Night – Grand Teton National Park // Jackson, Wyoming*

By day the Tetons were pretty socked with low clouds during last week’s snow fall, but this one particular night, the clouds lifted and the cold air was ripe for viewing the beautiful Milky Way. Couldn’t ask for a better foreground either, the Tetons were epic.

If you’re interested in how to create your own star and milky way photos, be sure to check out the Tutorials section, specifically the “Stars” tutorials!

  • Nikon D600
  • 14mm @ f2.8
  • ISO 5000
  • 30 seconds

Milky Way Grand Teton William Woodward