My Photography ~ Style and Techniques

Technically I’m a self taught photographer. I’ve made lots of mistakes and had the opportunity to really throw myself completely into the intricacies of creating beautiful work. I feel fortunate to have never been ‘taught’ how to photograph because I’ve never been told that I can’t do something a certain way. Yes, this leads to wrong turns and dead ends sometimes, but the journey is the adventure. Learning photography in the digital age has shaped the way I develop my photographs, using dynamic methods to blend and capture the essence of a moment.  My photography process has been developed over these years to try and capture the world as I see it – full of awe and amazement. Over time, practice, and refinement, I’ve learned to appreciate sharing my methods with others, through writing photo tutorials featured both on this page and for clients, to share pieces of what I’ve learned that you can bring to your own style.


Workflow and Editing Tutorials: Strategies and techniques to refine your photography and digital developing skills.


Packing and Travel Collections: Here is an overview of gear I use, how I pack and plan for travel, and product reviews.


My Gear and Equipment Reviews: Here is an overview of gear I use, how I pack and plan for travel, and product reviews.


One of my favorite things to do is to teach others about photography, and about how to make their own art a little easier, and even more fun. Art, and even more so photography, is an interactive process. Both from the end of the photographer and from the viewer. Not only are you as a photographer trying to convey a visual portrayal of a scene, but you are also passing on the emotion. I’ve always thought that there was this very interesting thing about photography, that your goal is not to show what something really is, but you should attempt to show what something feels like. At the end of the day, be it film or digital, all that we as photographers can do is show our own interpretation of what it is we see and feel.  I was reading a book on Monet and he had quite a fun statement about his work.

Lots of people will protest that it’s quite unreal and that I’m out of my mind, but that’s just too bad – Claude Monet

Extending the Dynamic Range

HDR: Tonemapping and Techniques – An in depth look at Tonemapped HDR and techniques in the field and the digital darkroom

32 Bit HDR – A relatively new technique for digital blending, 32 bit HDR offers a new take on high dynamic range imaging.

Single RAW HDR – Gain some of the advantages of tonemapped HDR’s in a single RAW image


Workflow: A General Guide – An outline of my start to finish workflow techniques, import to export.


Photographing Stars, star trails, the milky way, and the aurora

The Night Sky: Stars and the milky way – Photographing the stars and milky way and techniques to prevent star trails

The Night Sky: Star Trails – Capturing the motion of the stars

The Aurora – aka the northern lights – Coming Soon

Gear and Reviews

I’ll be honest, I kind of love good gear.  This obsession has been going on for about three years now, after an eye opening trip circumnavigating the globe with nothing more than a backpack full of clothes and a camera.  Since then my collection of gear has grown but travelling and making beautiful photos to share with the world is still the same.  I collect memories in the form of photographs.

I come from a background of Mechanical Engineering, where everything must find a fit or function, else it be lost to that 5 letter word, ‘waste.’  I guess you could call me ‘highly critical,’ generally finding out why everything does what it does.


Click on an image below to find more detail and specifics of how I pack for different types of adventures.

Gear Bag

“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” ~ Ansel Adams

It’s imaginably true, that the vision is what makes beautiful art.  So, even though this list exists, please don’t take it as a requirement towards taking good photographs.  Practice, practice, practice, as well as a good bit of patience and perseverance will bring you much better rewards than upgrading your gear.

Now, with that disclaimer in mind, this list exists, in part, because of how often I’m asked what type of gear that I use and this is an easy reference guide.  The gear here is reliable, robust, and able to withstand some extreme environments.  If you spend more time babying your equipment, you could easily miss out on a great shot.

Basic Adventure Travel


Product Reviews

Sunwayfoto XB-44DDH2

A solid, heavy duty & low profile panning ballhead.

Spivo 360

Action Cam stick with a fun and functional swivel capability


Single piece construction L bracket for the Nikon D600 and D610


Mini clamping ballhead, perfect for travel or table top setups.


CapturePRO Clip for a unique way of carrying your camera