Peak Design CapturePRO Clip

CapturePRO Clip


From the manufacturer:

  • CLIP DIMENSION: 4.1 in (10.4 cm) x 2.05 in (5.2 cm) x 1.1 in (2.8 cm)
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime

Out of the Box

The Capture pro comes with 1 plate which you’ll attach to your camera, 1 clip, which attaches to the bag/strap you want to connect the camera to, and other accessories to put it together/increase compatibility.


Since beginning to use the CapturePRO Clip, we’ve been to 5 continents.  Some days the camera never left the clip, others were jam packed full of shooting opportunities.  Most recently, I carried the CapturePRO and Sony A7RII on a 229km journey in the Khumbu Valley near Mt. Everest, Nepal.  18 days of backpacking fun through harsh terrain, with more back to back shooting than I have likely ever done.  I don’t lab test any of my gear, I field test it, and with little signs of wear and no trouble experienced, I expect the CapturePRO to stay with me a long time.

peak design capture pro


  • Nearly immediate access to the camera.
  • Out of the way, while still being completely accessible.
  • Secure, doesn’t move around or dangle by a strap.
  • Audible *clip* when the camera locks in to place ensures that you get the correct placement.


  • Camera is ‘out’ i.e. since it’s not stored away in a padded case, it is more likely to be bumped/scratched.  True of any carrying method other than stowed away in a padded carrier.
  • Catch can snag slightly, but this happens much less with practice and use.
  • Depending on the backpack and weight of the camera, the camera weight can cause some shoulder strap imbalance.  Side note, the same thing happens if you put a tripod on one side of your bag, so it’s more about how you load your bag than the fault of the device.

Final Thoughts

After finally getting a CapturePRO, I can’t imagine carrying my camera any other way while wearing a backpack.  I have shot a handful of events with the CapturePRO on my belt or messenger bag strap and it performed well in both those scenarios.  While you can use the CapturePRO on virtually any strap (and even attach it to a tripod or other threaded mount), for me personally, it’s shining light is when I’m trekking or climbing and want the camera on hand.

p.s. If you’re planning on using the CapturePRO on thicker straps such as those on backpacking packs, consider getting the longer screws that can be purchased through Peak Design, these will make sure it’s easy to load/unload the clip from the strap and prevents the threads from not having enough engagement.

peak design capture pro

In the Field

Enjoy having a newfound access to your camera, and capture those moments!